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Dog Patch - San Francisco CA


About Us...

My husband and I were both born and raised in Brazil.

Brazil, besides being known for soccer and samba, is also known for having one of the most welcoming people. We've always wanted to show how beautiful our culture is. That's why after 10 years of working in food industry in San Francisco we decided it was time to have our own family business, and that's how Brazuca Grill was born.

We are a Brazilian Fusion food truck. 

We are dedicated to serve always the best local products. Our food is always fresh and most of them made from scratch. 

We want to show our customers how it feels to be in a Brazilian home. So don't mind us if we talk about our lives and ask about yours. Don't hesitate to stay a little and chat... We love people!!!

So grab your plate at our truck and welcome to our home!

Fabio and Ana








Brazuca's Quesadilla
Brazuca's Sandwich
Carnitas Romeo e Julieta
Brazilian style Carnitas (pulled Pork)
Brazuca's Salad
Brazurrito Steak
Brazuca's Bowl
Bowlzuca Picanha
Brazilian Style Chicken Soup - Caldo de Frango
Picanha, Fries and Catupiry

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To book us call (650) 430-5910

Dog Patch - San Francisco


Monday - Friday

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

998 Indiana st San Francisco


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